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Pegasus is a leader in organizational issues such as employee hiring, employee retention and development. We can help you uncover opportunities to strengthen your organization's performance.

At Pegasus, we offer employee assessment and development products to improve efficiencies at every level. We can help you hire the right person the first time, learn how current employees impact your bottom line, and give you the clarity to execute your business strategy.

Hire the right person the first time with our Sales Assessments

At Pegasus, we evaluate the essential qualities you need from new sales people, including self-confidence, dominance, extraversion, job focus, and sales commitment. However, whether you're recruiting a top-level executive or a service center employee, we have an assessment that fit your needs. Read more »

Get the most from your existing employees through Employee Development

Our personal feedback assessments give you a concrete measure of your employees' impact on company performance. These feedback tools show you how to cultivate and develop the best from your employees. Read more »

Get more focused direction from your leaders using our Leadership Development tools

Pegasus can assess your leaders' strengths, weaknesses, competencies and development opportunities. Keep your company heading in the right direction with our leadership development tools. Read more »

Measure key dimensions of your company's culture with Pegasus Employee Engagement Surveys

Are your company leaders clear about the causes of organizational issues such as employee retention? Do employees receive conflicting messages from your policies and procedures? Try our employee engagement surveys and uncover opportunities to strengthen your organization's performance. Read more »


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