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Predicting Employee Performance

  • Leaders in developing tools to assess, change, and evaluate a company's employees and culture.
  • Providers of quality products and services that assess existing or potential employees and the company culture. We provide tools that will help predict your employee's performance.
  • Experts in research-driven assessments serving the sales, management, and training markets. We regularly incorporate current neuroscience concepts in our products and services.
  • Experienced professionals with over 50 years of leadership in organizational research and assessments.

Key Team Members

Industry Experience

After several years teaching psychology, Ken worked for 8 years as a senior psychologist at Blue Bell, Inc, the holding company for Wrangler Jeans, Jantzen, and many other apparel brands. He was responsible for management selection, psychological assessment design, and organizational employee surveys for its 35,000 employees worldwide. Ken led the development of an assessment battery spanning 6 European languages during his 3 year assignment in the Wrangler European headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

When VF Corp acquired this Blue Bell apparel group, Ken formed Pegasus International with Patagonia as its first major client. Pegasus has retained VF Corp as a client along with several other Fortune 500 companies in the insurance, manufactured housing, and apparel industries. With Pegasus Ken has also consulted in the textile, steel, food, telecommunications, educational, transportation, and health organizations.

Current Role

Ken is currently a licensed, Ph.D. psychologist serving as a principle at Pegasus International. He works with a wide range of business clients providing psychological assessments, 360 training instruments, and employee engagement surveys. His major interests center on personality models and the neuroscience of personality as well as novel personality assessment instruments. He has served as an executive coach at CCL for over 20 years.

Ken speaks German and French and has traveled in over 40 countries. His hobbies include growing organic grapes and apples and breeding disease resistant grapes.

Educational Background

Ken's education includes an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Earlham College where he also spent one summer as an NSF research fellow. As an undergraduate, Ken spent a semester studying at Freiburg University in Germany. Ken completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at Bowling Green State University where he pursued multivariable statistics, comparative psychology, and the neuroscience of social behavior.

Publications and Professional Affiliations

Ken is the co-author with Jaak Panksepp, PhD of the Affective Neuroscience Personality Scales (ANPS), a psychological assessment that targets brain emotion systems thought to form the foundations of personality. His most recent publication is titled "The Brain's Emotional Foundations of Personality and the ANPS" and will appear in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews in 2011. Ken is also working on a non-technical book targeting the general public, which deals with the brain foundations of personality.

Teri Hammer is an experienced sales professional, with a strong track record of sales, management, and consulting for over 30 years. She brings expertise from multiple industries and a clear understanding of the sales role and the importance of selection and development in the sales function. Her strength in risk management adds an important perspective to her sales-oriented background insuring a full appreciation for the complexity of the responsibilities of sales management.


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