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The cost of employee turnover is extremely high. The value of retaining good employees can't be over emphasized. Isn't it time to take action? Pegasus can help your company improve employee retention, employee selection, leadership development, and performance.

Pre-Hire Sales Assessments

  • Pegasus Sales Inventory - PSI - sales aptitude test
    Evaluate potential sales employees to improve the quality and retention of new employees. View report »
  • Pegasus Sales Inventory plus - PSI+ - expanded sales aptitude test
    Not only evaluate potential sales employees and also assess their problem solving skills. View report »
  • Pegasus Behavior Profile - PBP - call center selection test
    Predict the potential of an applicants' ability to contribute to your bill collection or customer service needs. View report »

Employee Development

  • Pegasus Sales 360 PSD sales development feedback
    Develops sales professionals by providing feedback from customers, managers and sales peers on sales performance skills.View report »
  • Self-Perception Exercise SPE 360 personality test
    Gain specific insights into an employee's personality to help them better deal with daily job challenges. View report »
  • Leadership Dimensions Inventory LDI leadership competency feedback
    Obtain feedback on critical leadership competencies with specific suggestions on developing leadership skills. View report »

Leadership Development

  • Pegasus Leadership 360 PLD leadership development feedback
    Combine insights from multiple personality tests to focus attention on critical leadership opportunities.
  • Pegasus Evaluation Guide PEG leadership effectiveness assessment
    Comprehensive analysis of a leader's strengths and weaknesses and how they will impact your organization. View report »
  • Executive Coaching personal training for your leaders
    Work with an experienced professional to establish leadership development priorities and personal strategies for change.

Culture Measurement

  • Employee Engagement Surveys
    Measure key dimensions of your organizations culture and critical drivers of employee commitment and performance. View report »


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